Super Titanium Watches By Citizen

Super Titanium Watches By Citizen

Super Titanium Watches By CitizenSuper Titanium has origins that stretch back to the 1960s, when the Apollo moon mission first revealed titanium’s potential as an industrial material. Inspired by this glimpse of the future, CITIZEN engineers set about exploring how they could apply titanium to watch manufacturing.

CITIZEN wanted to explore titanium’s infinite possibilities as a material for watchmaking. It was never going to be easy. But they met the challenge by creating their own titanium-processing technology, and following that up with their proprietary surface hardening technology, Duratect. The challenge goes on in line with the spirit of “Better Starts Now”, as CITIZEN looks forward to making future breakthroughs.

Improvements in the titanium-processing technology have enabled CITIZEN designers to create a wide range of great designs. Thanks to advances in their surface-hardening technology, they have also succeeded in creating models with higher resistance to scratches in a wide range of colors and with stronger hypoallergenic properties.

CITIZEN is on a never-ending journey to provide everyone, everywhere, with the chance to wear a beautifully designed and comfortable watch. This was the dream that first led the team at CITIZEN to develop Super Titanium — and it still drives us today, as we address the challenges that come up en route to creating ever better timepieces.

CITIZEN was impressed with titanium’s hypoallergenic properties. In fact, they made it our mission to create innovative watches that were safe and gentle on the skin, so that everyone could enjoy wearing a watch.

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